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Radical Statistics 52 (Autumn '92)

Table of Contents

A growing Health Service? Health Group
Quality control: The cure for medical mistakes? Philip Bertrand
The invisible people Malcolm Williams
Commentary and Correspondence
Editorial Philip Bertrand
Rationing health care: Careless talk costs lives Heath Group & Public Health Alliance
An opportunity not missed: The AGM of the Royal Statistical Society Cecilio Mar Molinero
RSS conference: Improvements in official statistics? Economic Statistics Group
Looking to the RSS's future David Drew
The response to the challenge from the Northern Group Mike Quiggin & Ludi Simpson for Performance Indicators Group
The Audit Commission - Performance indicators for Local Authorities. Caring by numbers? Press Release
League Tables - No score draw Laura Stathearn
Health of the nation: Where are we now? Philip Bertrand
Radstats Business and Miscellaneous (1.2MG)

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