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Radical Statistics 55 (Autumn '93)

Table of Contents

Those missing millions: Implications for social statistics of undercount in the 1991 Census Daniel Dorling & Steve Simpson
The presentation of military statistics Peter Southwood
Commentary and Correspondence
User views on data collection by the Government Statistical Service Jenny Church
St Albans Traffic Study Andrew Pepper
Review: Authorities and Partisans: The Debate on Unemployment and Health by Mel Bartley Mike Campbell
Review: Health, Housing and Social Policy by Lorna Arblaster & Murray Hawtin Frank Ledwith
Review: From Markets to Common Sense: Papers on Future Policies for Health by the Socialist Health Association Frank Ledwith
Review: Medical Statistics: A Commonsense Approach 2nd Edition by Michael J Campbell & David Machin Frank Ledwith
Radstats Business and Miscellaneous (1.7MG)

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