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Radical Statistics: Issue 94 (2007)

Conference Papers from 'Who's in charge of Public Statistics?'

24 February, 2007 Radstats Conference: London

Cover pages
News & Comment
Editorial Janet Shapiro
Review of 2007 Conference Geoffrey Rendle
Minutes of AGM & Annual Reports  
Who is in charge of public statistics? A stifled debate Ray Thomas
What's happening to the statistics?

Alison Macfarlane

Independent regulators, the Department of Health and data collection from the NHS Daniel Smith

Ghost statistics, raw data and the meaning of ownership. Are we learning any lessons from scandals in pharmaceutical research?

Aubrey Blumsohn

Misleading 'quality' measures in Higher Education: Problems from combining deverse indicators that include subjective ratings and academic performance and costs

Diana Eugenie Kornbrot

Local migration statistics matter

Gill Green

A review of the talk by Petra Boynton entitled "The misuse of surveys in PR campaigns"

Janet Shapiro

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