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Radical Statistics: Issue 100 (2010)

An Ageing Society: Are We Prepared?

Cover pages
News & Comment
Editorial Janet Shapiro & Jane Galbraith
An ageing population and apocalyptic demography Bill Bytheway & Julia Johnson
Using governmental data records for research: A case study of understanding characteristics and reasons for social care workers referrals to the POVA list in England and Wales Shereen Hussein, Martin Stevens, Jill Manthorpe, Steven Martineau, Jess Harris & Joan Rapaport
Myths and statistics: An exploration of the assumptions connected to ethnicity and family support

Rosalind Willis

Ageing, ethnic diversity and myths of migration Ludi Simpson

Caring about care proceedings

Judith Masson
Announcements & Reports

Improved population statistics?

Radical Statistics reporter

Ghost-statistics, raw data and the meaning of authorship

Radical Statistics reporter

Report of 2009 Annual General Meeting

Janet Shapiro & Alistair Cairns

Books for review

Radical Statistics Editors

March and rally on April 10


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