Radstats is defined by the activism of its members. In addition to the ongoing work of producing a provocative, quality journal 2-3 times per year, running an annual conference on politically relevant issues of the day, and posting topical blog posts on its website, Radstats’ members sometimes come together via interest groups or concoct new ideas through its open discussion list leading to work that may have significant impact on British Society.

Future Publications

2015-16: Working titles of our proposed future Radical Statistics publications are:

  1. Radical Statistics in the 2020s (RS2020)
  2. Statistics for Radical Change (SRC): A Handbook for Community and Political Activists

Updates on future publications activity


Discussion list

Anyone is welcome to join the Radstats discussion list.

Working groups



Radstats is a small membership organisation run almost entirely by volunteers. As such, volunteers are always welcome!

  • write a blog post
  • help out with the website and social media
  • write an article for the journal
  • write a book review for the journal
  • be a guest editor for a special journal issue
  • help plan the next conference
  • start a working group
  • work on projects with related groups
  • publicise Radical Statistics at events

If you think you have something to contribute, please contact our administrator.