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Radical Statistics publications on censuses and surveys



Surveying the Population - Health topics in censuses and surveys


Mary Shaw, Danny Dorling and Jenny Grundy

Official Health Statistics: an Unofficial Guide, 2000, Chapter 2

Statistical exclusion and social exclusion: the impact of missing data


Ludi Simpson

Radical Statistics, 71
Summer '99

The Census


Ian Diamond

Statistics in Society, 1999, Chapter 1.

Government Household Surveys


Charlie Owen

Statistics in Society, 1999, Chapter 2

The religious question: representing reality or compounding confusion ?


Joanna Southworth

Statistics in Society, 1999, Chapter 17

Measuring eating habits: some problems with the National Food Survey


Mary Shaw

Statistics in Society, 1999, Chapter 18

Young people's political participation - results from a 1996 Mori Omnibus survey


Eldin Fahmy

Radical Statistics, 70
Winter '98

Social attitudes
to the census


Ludi Simpson

Radical Statistics, 70
Winter '98

Communication, politics and the census


Martha Farnsworth Riche

Radical Statistics, 69
Autumn '98

Reply to Ray Thomas


Penny Pease

Radical Statistics 67
Spring 98

The Labour Force Survey
in the Dock


Ray Thomas

Radical Statistics 64/65
Spring & Summer 1997

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