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Radical Statistics Group Annual Conference & AGM
Saturday 26 February, 2005

Central Methodist Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester
9:30 to 5 o’clock

Global Poverty and Inequality

As statisticians, we want to advise on how far progress is being made in the eradication of poverty worldwide. The difficulties in making valid interpretation of statistical data from a variety of countries is acknowledged, but the problems in assessing levels of poverty in developing countries is far more problematic.

The conference presents various methods for obtaining valid measures for global poverty, health and mortality. With due regard for reliability, the selected data is used to examine the extent and implications of inequity. The conference also attempts to identify the underlying processes that frustrate efforts to monitor and improve global well-being. The aim is to improve our understanding, an important step for achieving a fairer world.

Our keynote speaker is Professor Dave Gordon, Director of the Townsend Centre for International Poverty Research. Dave combined his background in biology and geology with anti-poverty policy, while helping to find safe public water supplies in the South Pacific. He has researched and published in the fields of the scientific measurement of poverty, crime and poverty, childhood disability, area-based anti-poverty measures, the causal effects of poverty on ill health, housing policy and rural poverty.

He has recently been working on a UNICEF and DFID funded project to produce the first scientific measurements on the extent and nature of child poverty for the whole world.

Main Speakers

Dave Gordon - Global child poverty.

Roy Carr-Hill - Measuring the living conditions among the poor: How useful are the available statistics?

Kath Moser - Global convergence in mortality 1950-2000?

Peter Edward - The ethical poverty line as a tool to measure global absolute poverty.

Jacqui MacKay - Working conditions and poverty in banana production.

Peter Hardstaff - The UK Government: Being economical with the truth about economics.

Short Talks / Discussion

Ludi Simpson: Statistics in Cuba - Links with Britain.

Jay Ginn: 9-11: Is the official story true?

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