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Radical Statistics publications on crime and war



Wrongful convictions: towards a zemiological analysis of the tradition of criminal justice system reform


Michael Naughton

Radical Statistics 76: 50 - 65

The rhetorical language of numbers: the politics of criminal statistics


Elaine Campbell

Radical Statistics 75: 55 - 66

Great expectations: Changes to the recording of crime


Caroline Keenan

Radical Statistics 73
Spring 2000

Tackling inequalities in crime and social harm


Christina Pantazis

Tackling Inequalities, 2000, Chapter 6

Are crime and fear of crime more likely to be experienced by the 'poor'


Christina Pantazis

Statistics in Society, 1999
Chapter 24

The statistics of militarism


Paul Dunne

Statistics in Society, 1999
Chapter 43

Can we ever rely on refugee statistics?


Oliver Bakewell

Radical Statistics 72
Autumn '99

Where are the statistics on the Iraqi health disaster


Walid Abdul-Hamid

Radical Statistics 72
Autumn '99

All that glitters is not gold: on the uses and abuses of crime and disorder units


Simon Halsworth

Radical Statistics 72
Autumn '99

'Our budget under attack': estimating social security fraud


Paul Spicker

Radical Statistics 70
Winter '98

Class biases in violence data in the United States


Barbara H Chasin

Radical Statistics 70
Winter '98

Disputes over war casualties in former Yugoslavia


Vanessa Pupavac

Radical Statistics 69
Autumn 98

Inequalities in crime and criminal justice


Christina Pantazis

Radical Statistics 68
Summer 98

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