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Radstats publications on gender issues




Engendering Poverty Research: How to go beyond the feminisation of poverty

Elisabetta Ruspini

Radical Statistics 75: 25 - 37

The gendering of spending within households

Jan Pahl

Radical Statistics 75: 38 - 48

Gender and wealth inequality

Tracey Warren, Karen Rowlingson and Claire Whyley

Radical Statistics 75: 49 - 54

Making gender statistics empowering

Irene Bruegel

Radical Statistics 74 - Summer '00

Developing gender statistics in the UK

Linda Murgatroyd

Radical Statistics 74 - Summer '00

Pension Myth-selling and Gender

Jay Ginn

Radical Statistics 74 - Summer '00

Health and the gender agenda: what do official statistics tell us

Alison Macfarlane

Radical Statistics 74 - Summer '00

Mother, fetus, infant, child and family

Catherine Law

Inequalities in Health, 1999, Chapter 1


Sarah Arber

Inequalities in Health, 1999, Chapter 14

Playing politics with pensions: legitimating privatization


Jay Ginn

Statistics in Society, 1999, Chapter 15

Missing Subjects? Searching for gender in official statistics

Diane Perrons

Statistics in Society, 1999, Chapter 14

Accounting for Caring

Susan Himmelweit

Radical Statistics 70 - Winter '98

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