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 Radstats publications on the government of statistics




The government statistical service and the collection of official health statistics

Susan Kerrison and Alison Macfarlane

Official Health Statistics - an unofficial Guide, 2000, Chapter 1

Social Services Statistics: Statistics chasing the policy tail

Nick Miller and Robin Darton

Official Health Statistics - an unofficial Guide, 2000, Chapter 9

How do Community Agendas for research differ from Government Agendas?

Mike Quiggin

Radical Statistics 74 Summer 2000

A community agenda for statistics

Ludi Simpson

Radical Statistics 74 Summer 2000

Trust versus scope: A critique of the White Paper Building Trust in Statistics


Ray Thomas

Radical Statistics 73 Spring 2000

Stats Watch - monitoring press comment on official statistics

John Martyn

Radical Statistics 72 Autumn '99

Confidentiality of official statistics: an excuse for secrecy


Angela Dale

Statistics in Society, Chapter 4

Working with government to disseminate official statistics

Michael Blakemore

Statistics in Society, Chapter 6

Using statistics in everyday life: from barefoot statisticians to critical citizens


Jeff Evans and Ivan Rappaport

Statistics in Society, Chapter 9

Defining and measuring social exclusion


Ruth Levitas

Radical Statistics 71
Summer '99

Statistics and policy making


Ray Thomas

Radical Statistics 71
Summer '99

Responses to and comments on Green Papers
(in Radical Statistics 69, Autumn '98)

Statistics: a matter of Trust

by Radical Statistics Group, by Bristol University Academics, and Critique by Ray Thomas.

A National Framework for Assessing Performance (NHS)


Alison Macfarlane for RSG

A First Class Service

Radical Statistics Health Group

Crown Copyright in the Information Age


Radical Statistics Group

Do governments ever listen to research?

Walter Barker and Colin Chalmers

Radical Statistics 68
Summer '98

What are official statistics and who needs them?

Alison Macfarlane

Radical Statistics 67
Spring '98

The user perspective in the development of official statistics


Paul Allin

Radical Statistics 66
Autumn '97

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