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 Radstats publications on statistical method and research methods




Technical details for estimating numbers living in poverty

Mary Shaw et al

Append B of The Widening Gap, Policy Press, 2000

Official statistics and the manipulation of conceptual and technical instruments

Yorgos Vournas

Radical Statistics 72
Autumn '99

The 'gene' for Jedi knights? The 'new genetics' and social stratification

Carol Emslie

Radical Statistics 72
Autumn '99

Statistical exclusion and social exclusion: the impact of missing data

Ludi Simpson

Radical Statistics 71
Summer '99

Compromises of the Fourth kind with Statistical 'Radicalism'

Roy Carr-Hill

Radical Statistics 71
Summer '99

Eugenics and the rise of mathematical statistics in Britain

Donald MacKenzie

Statistics in Society
Chapter 7

Science, statistics and the three 'psychologies'

Daniel B Wright

Statistics in Society
Chapter 8

Resources for lay statisticians and critical citizens

Ivan Rapaport and Jeff Evans

Statistics in Society

Qualitative data and the subjectivity of 'objective' facts

Ian Parker

Statistics in Society
Chapter 11

Untouched by statistics: representing and misrepresenting other cultures

David Sibley

Statistics in Society
Chapter 12

Models are stories are not real life


Jane Elliot

Statistics in Society
Chapter 13

Illuminating social statistics

Graham Upton

Statistics in Society
Chapter 46

Conclusion: statistics and the 'truth'


Stephen Simpson and Daniel Dorling

Statistics in Society
Chapter 47

Researching suicidal behaviour


Sarah Payne and Rachel Lart

Radical Statistics 70
Winter '98

Archiving qualitative datasets: social research and the politics of control

Christine Griffin

Radical Statistics 66
Autumn '97


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