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Radical Statistics 62 (Spring & Summer '96)

Table of Contents

Be cheerful, strive to be happy: Identifying disadvantaged areas: Health, wealth and happiness Daniel Dorling
A fantasy of local government Ray Thomas
Part time employees: Volunteers or pressed women? Jay Ginn
Health promotion or promotion of NHS cuts? Anne Kenefeck
Do you know what is counted in national income statistics? Ray Thomas
A political arithmetic of capitalism: What counts as wealth of nations: A review of Measuring the wealth of nations: The political economy of national accounts by Anwar Shaikh & Ahmet Tonak Andrew Philpott Morgan
Commentary and Correspondence
Radical Statistics newsletter: Time for change, but how? Alison Macfarlane
Editorial Andrew Philpott Morgan
Radical Statistics: Which way forward? Andrew Philpott Morgan
Data graphic
Radstats Business and Miscellaneous (1.1MG)

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