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Radical Statistics 63 (Autumn & Winter '96)

Table of Contents

The UK's antiquated electoral system Ron Johnston, Charles Pattie & Dave Rossiter
Poverty and disabled children David Gordon & Pauline Heslop
Permanent sickness and unemployment in Mid Glamorgan: Classifying the unemployed Ray Davies
Should we collect racial statistics? Joanna Southworth
Do the 'poor' experience more crime and greater fear of crime than the 'rich'? Christina Pantazis & Dave Gordon
Politicians and the proper use of statistics - A case study of unemployment Ray Thomas
Commentary and Correspondence
Editorial Ludi Simpson & Danny Dorling
Spreading the Web from a humble base: A community approach to cyberspace CCIS Edinburgh
Review: Poverty, inequality exclusion: New approaches to theory and practice by Maryse Gaudier Ludi Simpson
Review: Interpreting official statistics edited by Ruth Levitas & Will Guy Susan Kerrison
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Radstats Business and Miscellaneous (1.2MG)

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