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Radical Statistics 66 (Spring '97)

Table of Contents

An integrated unemployment series--and beyond Ray Thomas
Measurement in education Ian Plewis
Spirit of 1848: A network linking politics, passion, and public health Spirit of 1848 Coordinating Committee
The Private Finance Bill Health Group
Meaningless means Cecilio Mar Molinero
The user perspective on the development of official statistics Paul Allin
Archiving qualitative datasets: Social research and the politics of control Christine Griffin
Commentary and Correspondence
Editorial Danny Dorling & Ludi Simpson
Press briefing: The Private Finance Bill  
Politics, race and the US Census David Gordon
Official statistics
Psychology Politics Resistance
Review: Analyzing tabular data by Nigel Gilbert Maureen Meadows
Reviews: Health and social organisation: Towards a health policy for the 21st century by Nigel Gilbert -&- Unhealthy societies: The afflictions of inequality by Richard Wilkinson Routledge Susan Kerrison
Data graphic the Editors
Radstats Business and Miscellaneous (3.9MG)

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