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 Radstats publications on politics and elections




Narrowing the gap: the policy debate


Mary Shaw et al

The Widening Gap 2000, Chapter 5

How do Community Agendas for research differ from Government Agendas?

Mike Quiggin

Radical Statistics 74 Summer 2000

A community agenda for statistics

Ludi Simpson

Radical Statistics 74 Summer 2000

A mortality league table for Cabinet ministers

Danny Dorling

Tackling Inequalities, 2000, Chapter 9

Cost-benefit analysis and the politics of valuing the environment

Anna Davies and David Demeritt

Radical Statistics 73
Spring 2000

The British electoral system and the British electorate

Ron Johnston, Charles Pattie, and David Rossiter

Statistics in Society 1999, Chapter 45

The state of British food policy

Tim Lang

Radical Statistics 73
Spring 2000

Young people's political participation - results from a 1996 Mori Omnibus survey


Eldin Fahmy

Radical Statistics, 70
Winter '98

Communication, politics and the census

Martha Farnsworth Riche

Radical Statistics 69
Autumn '98

Is it worth reducing inequalities in health?


Danny Dorling

Radical Statistics 68
Summer '98


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