Future publications: Report of 2015 Oct 2 meeting

On 2 October 2015, twelve RadStats members participated in a Working Meeting in London to discuss future RadStats publications. This meeting was organised by Jeff Evans.

Amongst other things, this meeting considered a number of Scoping Papers produced by the participants:

  • SP1: Big Data Ideas – Political Perspectives and Radical Statistics (John Bibby)
  • SP2: (Jeff Evans) Superceded.
  • SP3a: Challenges, Opportunities, Fellow travellers, Threats and Questions (Jim Ridgway)
  • SP3b: Powerful data – statistics to support social change (Jim Ridgway)
  • SP4a: What we need to decide on 2nd October (Humphrey Southall)
  • SP4b: Statistics and “Big Data” in the Social Sciences and History (Humphrey Southall)
  • SP4b1: New Developments in “Data” (Humphrey Southall)
  • SP5: Some issues in linking large data sets (Harvey Goldstein)
  • SP6: Professional issues, the RSS, and statistical work (Kevin McConway)
  • SP7a: Teaching {Stats / QM} and Training (Trude Sundberg, Rachel Cohen)
  • SP7b: Experiential learning of statistics – being critical in (and of?) the workplace (Jackie Carter)
  • SP8: Radical–>Radical Statistics, rather than Statistics—>Radical Statistics (Rachel Cohen)
  • SP9: Big Data: information windfall, or merely hot air? (Jeff Evans, Ludi Simpson) Superceded.
  • SP10: Health Statistics (Alison Macfarlane)
  • SP11: Social Science Measurement in Diverse Societies (Jan Boehnke)

The next meeting will be held 26 February in York (the day before the conference).

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