Radical Statistics in the 2020s

The aim of RS2020 is to explore changing features of contemporary economy, society and politics, inasmuch as they relate to statistics and data. Key themes include:

  • Technological development, ‘globalisation’, and issues related to ‘big data’
  • How interests such as powerful corporations and businesses have mobilised these changes
  • Access to and ownership of data
  • Data presentation in traditional and social media
  • Access and inequality, at every scale from the global to the urban, and how these are measured
  • The retreat of the state: trends in social welfare, health, housing, education etc.
  • Demographic trends; wellbeing and the measurement of happiness.
  • Case studies of community activism using statistics: what can we learn?

We shall be meeting in York on Friday 26 February 2016 to develop these ventures.
NB: This is just before the RS conference on 27 February, and in the same venue.

If you would like to get involved or contribute to the workshop on 26 February, please email the organisers of this activity, Jeff Evans, Humphrey Southall and John Bibby, at RS2020@radstats.org.uk.

Further details will be posted in due course on this site.