Radical Statistics 109 (2013)

Cover pages

The UK Census – 2011 and beyond

The 2011 census: What surprises are emerging and how they show that cancellation is stupid Danny Dorling
Whither/wither the census Paul Norman
Assessing the impact of changes to the census of population on human geography Emma Stevens


“Off with their heads!” How UK water quality regulators redefined the maximum in 2004 Lucy Borland
Graphics with a cause  Robert Grant
Poverty and inequality: Is York typical?  Jonathan Bradshaw

News, Comment and Reviews

Review: The Geek Manifesto. Why Science Matters by Mark Henderson David Elliman
Comment: An inherent complication in assessing tests of scientific hypotheses Larry Brownstein
News: Overview of RadStats’ 2012 Conference session “Is a fair voting system really achievable?” Russell Ecob

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