Radical Statistics 126 (2020) Coronavirus Special Issue

Cover pages
Introduction and Editorial
Harvey Goldstein Memoria

Local Stories

Conversations with a coroner John Bibby
Coronavirus and human rights Marilyn Cranshaw
Interview with Mohamed El-Gomati John Bibby
National Issues    
Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on modelling  
Royal Statistical Society COVID-19 taskforce  
RSS: Change at the top  
Estimating the final number of cases and deaths in the UK George and Roy Carr-Hill
Unequal impact of COVID-19 on ethnic minority groups Farjana Islam and Gina Netto
Kevin McConway, BBC’s More or Less and Covid-19  
Global Issues
Introduction and Summary  
The Coronavirus outbreak in France and the United Kingdom: A view from Paris Andrei S Morgan
Based on an unusual suspect: Georgia as a success case in addressing the Coronavirus challenge Natia Seskuria
Italy: Pandemia  
Interview with Johan Giesecke, ex-state epidemiologist, Sweden  
Cuba: Interplay of government and society multiple authors
Association between corporate health and public health Eugene Kamaroff, Boris Djokic & Martin Jacoby
Impact of COVID-19 on mobility in India: A spatial approach Purva Yadav & Aisharya Bhattacharjee
Palestine David Worth
General Africa and Ghana  
Methodological Matters
The point of inflection Larry Lesser
Models and ethics in handling the COVID-19 pandemic Wendy Olsen
 Data in Society – Radstat’s newest book  
Financial appeal