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Radical Statistics 67 (Spring '98)

Table of Contents

Science, inc. versus science for everyone Dick Sclove
Garner hypothesis refuted? Steve Balogh
Quantifying homelessness: The limitations of official and unofficial statistics Rebecca Widdowfield
What are official statistics and who needs them? Alison Macfarlane
How enlarged travel to work areas conceal inner city employment   An open letter to Steve Hickman Ray Thomas
Travel-to-work areas and the fitness for purpose of local unemployment statistics Mike Coombes
Rhonnda - A mining community Roy Davies
Reply to Mike Coombes Ray Thomas
Labour Force Survey in the dock, reply to Ray Thomas Penny Pease
Let's have some statistics of social significance Ivor Kenna
Is it radical statistics or fat cats? Ivor Kenny
Commentary and Correspondence
Review: Population matters: The local dimension by Tony Champion Ludi Simpson
Government statistics news the Editors
Radical Statistics: Summer on the list Sue Kerrison
Radstats Business and Miscellaneous (1.7MG)

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