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Radical Statistics: Issue 104 (2011)

Cover pages
The detrimental effects of corporate influence on science and technology Chris Langley & Stuart Parkinson
The effects of the libel laws on science - a personal experience Peter Wilmshurst
Redefining wealth, redefining progress

Victoria Johnson

Unkindest cuts: Analysing the effects by gender and age Susan Himmelweit & Jay Ginn
Conference Workshops

Doing impact assessments of governmental policy on gender and other inequalities

led by the Women's Budget Group, reported by Helen Gee

Libel in science

led by Peter Wilmshurst, reported by Paul Marchant
Additional Contributions & Articles

Confessions of a Statistician: a response to Danny Dorling's reply to 'Dubious clues'

Jane Galbraith

A better system of proportional representation? Ranking constituency voting retains the constituency link with one vote only

Russell Ecob

Have new street lighting schemes reduced crime in London?

Paul Marchant

Comments on the Spirit Level controversy

Hugh Noble

Troika report

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