Editorial, Issue 133

Contents of this Issue
In this, relatively shortballoons with smileys, issue we have two very interesting articles. The first by Chris Tofallis, Thomas Dunk and Neil Spencer from Hertfohttp://journal/issue133rdshire, after a forensic analysis of what MPs should be doing, focuses on constructing a ‘League Table’ of MPs performance in Parliament based on speeches made, written questions submitted and votes attended. The second by Manjinder Jagdev is another forensic examination of how racism permeated the national curricula for primary and secondary schools and how to get rid of it. Because of a an internal mix-up, we have to profusely apologise to both sets of authors, as these articles should have been in RSN 132. Nevertheless, we think that both articles, and especially the first, will have increased interest because of the current chaos in the British government.

Prospects for RSN 134
We are in the very rare position of having two papers already for RSN134 which will come out before the Sheffield Conference in February, one of them following on from the virtual conference that was hosted by the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne on the theme of ‘Taxing Wealth, Reducing Inequality’, held on Saturday 26th February. We- the editors – will be pursuing the other presenters at that conference relentlessly in the next couple of weeks. Our new Review Editor, Irina Motoc, also has several books for review, and is looking for volunteers.

Administrative Issues
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