Radstats 132 Editorial

Contents of this Issue
In this, relatively short, issue 132 we have two very interesting articles, both based on papers ‘delivered’ at the virtual conference that was hosted by the Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne on the theme of ‘Taxing Wealth, Reducing Inequality’, held on Saturday 26th February 2022. John Bibby extrapolates Ten Commandments for fiscal and statistical literacy and Stewart Lansley documents how the post-WWII advances of the Atlee government have been nearly all wiped out since 1970. In addition, this editor [Roy Carr-Hill] has included a letter that he has just sent to the Lancet which might amuse those readers who work in the health area.

Prospects for RSN 133
We have no proposed articles for the next issue; but we shall be pursuing the other presenters relentlessly. Our new Review Editor, Irina Motoc, also has several books for review, and is looking for volunteers.

Administrative Issues
Readers may notice this has appeared only 3 months after RSN 133. We are now aiming to produce four shorter (max 50 pages to save on postage) issues rather than three per year. There were tentative plans for a mid-year meeting in 2022 but as yet there are no details.

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