Is Britain Pulling Apart? Today!

Radical Statistics is gathering in Manchester today to take a fresh look at inequality in Britain for the 2014 conference, Is Britain Pulling Apart?RScrowd2014

Look on twitter for #Radstats to follow along. Presentations will be collected, proceedings are being filmed, and of course there will be a special issue of the journal.

If any delegate would like to contribute a blog post please get in touch with me at

Robin Rice

One thought on “Is Britain Pulling Apart? Today!

  1. This was my third RadStats conference and, once again, it was a really worthwhile event. Can I thank the organisers for another conference. It was great to hear cutting edge research about whether or not Britain is “pulling apart”. Held on International Women’s Day, Claire Annesley gave a very thoughtful presentation about the impact of austerity on gender equality. The break-out sessions were an opportunity to dig deeper into particular topics; I had the pleasure of participating in the sessions on hunger in the UK and eliminating child poverty in UK. The formal discussion and the debates over coffee and lunch were really valuable and thought provoking: just what such a conference should be about! If you weren’t able to come, check out the presentations that will be put up soon on the RadStat website. If you’re interested in “using statistics to support progressive social change” in the UK, get involved in RadStats.

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